Detail of ICS Servo edition

I.C.S stands for Interactive・Communication・System. This is the data communication standard for KO PROPO products. If you want know about ICS, please see our support page "About ICS" first.

Almost all of our servos has ISC setting functionality. Also please use the ICS USB Adapter HS forICS setting functional settings. Many servo products have installed different settings in the memory of products.
Also you can change settings quickly by using "Servo model selector".
ICS has a wide freedom in setting application and a single setting content can change all the operational characteristics of a servo for different things. You can set a pinpoint setting according to road surface condition for your current situation.


On this page, comparison animation explains changes in actual servo movement due to setting changes of each setting parameter of the ICS..

Please refer to these videos and use the information to make your own original ICS setting.
have released our own recommended setup data for ICS on our site Support>Setting data.

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